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Inflation Eggs and Gasoline Tanks

Eggs are so expensive that Butch and I temporarily switched to oatmeal. :(

Gas Prices set a new all time high and my calculations show gas prices in May 2022 were 48% higher than they were in May 2021. The official number is announced tomorrow.

Investor Concerns:

Anyone buying eggs (food in general) or filling their tank has witnessed inflation first hand. . . but has the pace slowed down at all? I may not have started buying eggs again, but investors will be hoping that month over month CPI is lower than last month. We will find out tomorrow, Jun 10th, 2022 @ 8:30am, when May 2022 CPI is announced. Year/Year inflation remained incredibly high last month. These are some Highlights: (unadjusted percent change April 2022 compared to April 2021)

Used Cars and Trucks - 22.7% Energy - 30.3% Gasoline (all types) - 43.6% Utility (Piped) Gas Service - 22.7% Airline Fares - 33.3% Food - 9.4% Total CPI with Food and Energy - 8.3%

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