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See the Fee Only Difference

Commonly Asked Questions about Bulldog Financial Planning

Bulldog Financial Planning is an independent Fiduciary and Registered Investment Advisor company that offers fee only financial planning/advice and portfolio management .

What does it mean to be a Fiduciary?
   This means that Bulldog Financial Planning is legally responsible to put you and your family’s best interests first.  Is your financial advisor a fiduciary?

What makes Fee Only Financial Planning Different than Fee Based Financial Planning?
   Unlike Fee Based companies, neither the advisors of Fee Only company’s like Bulldog Financial Planning, nor the company itself receive commissions, bonus incentives, or other forms of sales compensation when you implement recommendations.  This includes sales commissions on product sales, and other forms of income like revenue share from mutual fund or etf positions purchased and held, brokerage commissions on trades, or custodian fees for holding account assets.  Industry standards state that Fee Based companies cannot present themselves as Fee Only.   

How is Bulldog Financial Planning Compensated?
ally, BFP collects client fees for performing the following services:
   •    Financial Planning  
   •    Discretionary Portfolio Management (Managed Accounts, AKA Investment Account Management WRAP )
   •    Discretionary Wealth Management (Wealth Management WRAP)

What does it mean when I hear that Bulldog Financial Planning is an Independent RIA?
   Bulldog Financial Planning is not affiliated with or own any broker dealer or custodian; therefore, there are fewer conflicts of interest.  BFP is not tied to any special interests and is not limited in what types of financial products or services used in recommendations and/or investments within discretionary portfolio management.  

How does Independent Fee Only Hourly Financial Planning make it possible for objective advice?
   Recommendations are not limited to transferring or rolling over assets, managed accounts or product purchases.  This separates the advice cost from the transaction cost.

What if I don’t want to manage my own investments?  Can I still work with Bulldog Financial Planning?
   Yes, BFP offers discretionary portfolio management.  Bulldog Financial Planning will work with you to help determine how much money is best for you and your family to invest into the market.  

How often would I pay for services by Bulldog Financial Planning?
   The money you pay for portfolio management is done quarterly in arrears.  (initial deposits may apply)
Hourly Financial Planning fees are paid for each engagement.  This is on an as-needed basis, e.g. following a request for a second opinion on a major financial decision, or after your monthly/quarterly meeting.  (initial deposits may apply)
Hourly Fees paid toward investment planning can be used to offset the cost of portfolio management when you decide that you want help implementing your investment strategy.  

How does Financial Planning fit with my schedule?
   Financial Planning with Bulldog Financial Planning can be done in person or remotely.  BFP incorporates technology to support the planning process so that you can work on your finances when you have the time. 


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