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Financial Planning Seminars or Training Sessions

Sharing Knowledge

Managed Accounts

Pursuing Achievable Goals

Wealth Management

Wealth Management You Can Trust

Financial Planning Services

Dependable Expertise for Anyone

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Financial Planning Services

Dependable Expertise for Anyone

Hourly Financial Planning from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. (Patrick Randall)

Fee Only Financial Planning is available to clients who do not want or need a full time financial planner. 


These clients may want to receive occasional advice or a second opinion and pay for as much or as little advice as they want or need. 


Assets Under Management are not required to receive hourly financial planning. 


This means you could receive advice on any account or on any goal without the conflict.


Choose to work on your goals like:

1) Retirement Savings

2) Income planning including social security

3) Investment Strategies

4) Special Needs Financial Planning

5) Estate

6) College or Trade School Planning

7) Advanced Budgeting and Safety Fund Planning

8) New Home or Vehicle Purchase Planning

Clients can receive planning that incorporates multiple goals within a single planning engagement.

Whether you are starting out, managing your own wealth, or working on a specific goal(s), BFP will create a financial plan that puts you and your family first. 

Bulldog Financial Planning will provide financial planning without income or asset level thresholds.


  Clients may enroll in an annual program with monthly payments based on the number of hours in the year.


Wealth Management

Wealth Management You Can Trust

Full Time Fee only wealth management without the hidden fees or incentives

The program includes financial planning, discretionary help implementing and monitoring the investment strategies for all of your accounts along with added discretionary help with pre-authorized wealth management requests. 


Wealth Management Strategy Examples:

1) RMDs

2) Gifts

3) Income Plans

The simple annualized wealth management expense is competitive to actively managed mutual funds or etf expense ratios and with other wealth management companies. 

The wealth management expense covers the same costs contained in a BFP Managed Account but also includes financial planning and wealth management.


The financial planning and wealth management are not free so the expense is higher than for a BFP managed account.

Patrick is the Financial Planner, Portfolio Manager, and the Wealth Management Advisor.  This means that your wealth is managed in accordance to your financial planning goals, the individualized investment policy statement and your wealth management priorities, rather than to a mutual fund or etf prospectus or to a company agenda.  

Clients have easy access to meet with Patrick in 1-1 discussions.

There is a minimum of $250,000 to enroll in this program.  

Have Bulldog Financial Planning provide you with financial planning recommendations, manage your investment strategy and help with other aspects of managing your wealth in alignment with each of your goals.  


To meet that objective, Bulldog Financial Planning’s wealth management investment strategies and recommendations will be in sync with one another as we work towards achieving each goal as part of a singular plan that puts your and your family first.

 View the firm brochure, table of fees, or schedule an appointment to review the program details. 

Services Wealth Management Option Suit in front of laptop_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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Managed Accounts

Pursuing Achievable Goals


Managed Accounts with a Simple Fee Only Management Expense

Clients who want help with implementing and monitoring their investment plans.

These portfolios are for the investor who does not want to hold a lot of mutual funds or etf's.  Asset allocation strategies will primarily use equities, bonds, or cash.


The WRAP fee of the program is competitively priced against actively managed mutual funds or etfs while still offering personalized service and investment planning.  

The Investment Strategies are tailored to each client who have direct access to 1-1's throughout the year with their portfolio manager, Patrick Randall.

We will meet to discuss all of the details related to your goals. These details will be used to create a unique Investment Policy Statement, which define the strategy based on your specific risk profile, objectives, constraints, and your socially responsible requests.  

The fee you pay covers the creation of the Investment Policy Statement, the 1-1's, the investment planning, the trading costs, market research, equity and fixed income analysis, economic research, industrial analysis, and most other costs associated with brokerage and custody, but without hidden fees or incentives.

All fee's are disclosed.  Mutual Fund or ETF expenses are not covered by fee's collected by Bulldog Financial Planning.  Accounts may be subject to an annual minimum management expense, so some clients may decide they'd prefer an investment plan and monitor/implement on their own.  

Financial Planning Seminars or Training Sessions

Sharing Knowledge and Educating



Bulldog Financial Planning can provide educational or training sessions to individuals, employees, social clubs, or other groups.  

The scope of these sessions are based on interest:  topics include trading, current market trends, investments, retirement, or available by request. 

Schedule an appointment or reach out to learn more. 

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What are the Costs?

Please view the table of fees for a side by side comparison of fees associated with Hourly Financial Planning, Managed Accounts, Wealth Management, Financial Planning Seminars or Training Sessions.  Visit the Firm Brochure more details about the company.

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