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Financial Planning Services Offered

Hourly Financial Planning from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional (Patrick Randall) owner of an independent fee only fiduciary.

Financial Planning or Wealth Management Advice is offered as an Hourly Service 

Second Opinions on Major Financial Decisions 
like Social Security or Investment Strategies  including how to handle current market trends.

Periodic Planning Sessions  on a monthly, 
quarterly, or semi-annual basis.


Areas of Expertise

  1.  Retirement Planning

  2.  Income Planning Including Social Security and RMDs

  3. Investment Strategies

  4. College/Trade School Planning

  5. Special Needs Financial Planning

  6. Estate Planning and Gifts

  7. Personalized Spending, Savings, and Debt 


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Discretionary Portfolio Management

Dependable Expertise from a Qualified Portfolio Manager  (Patrick Randall - MBA) 

Non-Retirement Accounts

  1. Individual or Joint Ownership

  2. Custodial for minors

  3. Trusts

    • Special Needs

    • Revocable/Irrevocable

  4. Domestic Business Ownership

Retirement Accounts

  1. Active 401k or 403b Plans (eligible  custodians)

  2. IRAs

    • Traditional (pre-tax and non-deductible)

    • Roth

    • SEP

    • Inherited

  3. Coverdells

  4. HSAs

  5. Small Business Retirement Plans

Investments Used in the Strategies

Examples include

Individual Equities - Common, Preferred
Fixed Income - CDs, Treasuries, Corporate, Municipals, Savings Bonds
Mutual Funds or ETFs - Various Asset Classes, Sectors and sponsors
MMKTs or Savings Accounts
Precious Metals - Coins and Bullion
and Certain CryptoCurrency - Bitcoin, Ethereum

Client's Socially Responsible Investment Requests are incorporated into your portfolio.

Financial Planning Seminars or Training Sessions

Sharing Knowledge and Educating



Bulldog Financial Planning can provide educational or training sessions to individuals, employees, social clubs, or other groups.  

The scope of these sessions are based on interest:  topics include trading, current market trends, investments, retirement, or available by request. 

Schedule an appointment or reach out to learn more. 

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What are the Costs?

Please view the table of fees for a side by side comparison of fees associated with Hourly Financial Planning, Managed Accounts, Wealth Management, Financial Planning Seminars or Training Sessions.  Visit the Firm Brochure more details about the company.

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