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Happy New Year - 2022 In Review

2022 was productive! Among other things, I started my independent fee only financial planning practice and have made a lot of progress with the business.

Thanks to every one who has supported myself and Bulldog Financial Planning. This includes clients, future clients, those in my network, friends, and family. Please understand that when you invest with BFP that you are working with a company that values and serves the community.

Usually, my blogs are about a range of content like - 1) the advantages for clients to go with Fee Only Financial Planning, 2) Industry Topics, 3) Economics, or 4) something market related.

For this one, I'm glad to take a breath at the end of year to relax and reflect on a few commitments myself and the company made to help serve the community during 2022. This has always been important to me as a person. I have volunteered for a number of great causes in the past.

When I started Bulldog Financial Planning, I wanted to make sure that the business reflected my values for serving and helping the community.

For that reason, in 2022 I participated in a number of activities that I had always wanted to do, including an FPA sponsored pro-bono financial planning event as a CFP® professional, a few fundraisers for good causes like the Wounded Warriors and Autism Speaks.

During 2022, as an individual, I joined a great team with the Knights of Columbus in Lincoln, RI currently led by Grand Knight - Ray Hedenskog. This group does a ton for so many great causes and I've enjoyed contributing to their efforts of supporting veterans, volunteering for community activities like the Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge, and helping at church gatherings like the summer Bbq at the historical St Joseph's with Father Charles. As the Director of Community for the Knights of Columbus Council 4005, I do not have to do much because of the efforts from Ray, the Knights and the local community.

Through KofC Lincoln, I met Billy Pugsley from the Lighthouse in Cumberland, RI and volunteered to help their team give out food and Turkeys for the Christmas holiday.

For myself, I even got a chance to train some Jiu Jitsu again for a few months and learn from another great instructor, Steve in North Providence at Ricardo Calvacanti RI. John Sanders and Steve Santiago have schools with lineage going back to Carlson Gracie. The culture is great.

All of these experiences have been very rewarding and while making new friends all around the state of Rhode Island, it's been great to see how so many people love to help one another. I appreciate being involved but most importantly for everyone who showed support. Butch and I have met a lot of great people.

There was a lot to be grateful for this year; however, there is a lot of work to be done in 2023 as this part of my life and career continue.

Things to look forward to in 2023:

Bulldog Financial Planning will be getting even more involved with Financial Literacy efforts during 2023 including seminars.

The Knights of Columbus Free Throw Shootout Championship will be happening this winter.

More support of our local veterans and our community.

Lastly, please consider adding another New Years Resolution to your list. . . . a commitment to your financial goals by working with a local fee only financial planning company, Bulldog Financial Planning. Reach out to learn more about how this is done. Thank you.

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