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Feeling like a Small Fish?

Fishing is a great way to get outdoors and have some fun. The activity brings people together and has been one of my favorite things to do outdoors. There are lots of ways to fish: 1) Pond fishing, 2) Fly Fishing a stream, 3) Deep Sea Trolling, 4) Coastal fishing and other a lot of other ways including catfishing.

If you enjoy fishing, then working with Bulldog Financial Planning is a great fit for you.

How does this relate to financial advice? Does your advisor treat you like a small fish in their ocean?

Many advisors make misleading statements about offering fee free financial planning to their clients. They may even say, "we do that for free", but are they being honest with full disclosure of their advisor compensation.

Another good follow up question to that statement is whether they are a fiduciary or if they are considering your best interest or taking care and due diligence when formulating recommendations.

The point here is that many advisors have compensation tied to their monthly, quarterly, or annual sales goals or mutual fund holding incentives which are defined by their company. . . . not you.

If you do not fall into one of their compensation buckets, then you may never get a return phone call or a chance to receive the advice you want or need. . even if you choose to go along with their product recommendation.

Do you get the attention you deserve?

For many financial advisors or planners, this depends on whether you are a financially suitable client for one of their product goals, for example a managed mutual fund or etf portfolios, an annuity, an opportunity for assets under management or a transfer of assets like a rollover, or if you have the right financials for a new life insurance policy.

Bulldog Financial Planning still believes life insurance and/or annuities can be used as an important part of a financial plan. This means looking at alternatives like taking advantage of a lower cost employee benefit rather than a major life insurance purchase. These decisions depend on a lot of different factors and recommendations should vary based on objective advice like a second opinion with your best interests first.

Adding a new insurance policy, an investment account and discretionary portfolio management can be effective recommendations to attain future financial goals.

The hourly fee only financial planning structure eliminates the conflicts between advisor compensation and client interests by separating the advice cost from the transaction cost.

It also promotes accessibility for clients to receive as much or as little advice as they want or need without an assets under management requirement. You do not need to feel like a small fish.

Bulldog Financial Planning has a financial incentive to work on whatever is important to you.

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