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Summer Market slow down?

Butch and I went on a summertime walk on the local trails yesterday. . . He likes to sniff around a little bit, look to get pet by someone, and move to a different spot. He is not like a turtle.

I saw the market was showing some positive upward movement. Was this a bear or a bull in a turtle suit? Typically, summer slows things down a bit.

Recession fears may ease from time to time, but is your portfolio positioned for a potential summer slow down or market recovery? When was the last time you had your investments reviewed or received a second opinion?

Why choose a fee-only independent adviser like Bulldog Financial Planning (BFP)?

There are many reasons. Here are a couple of them.

1) Bulldog Financial planning has a fiduciary responsibility to put each client’s interests before the interests of the company while disclosing any conflict of interest.

2) Like other Fee-only adviser companies, BFP do not receive sales incentives based on their recommendations. On the contrary, the fee-based adviser may offer free financial planning but they will receive bonuses/commissions that reward:

a) incoming asset flows

b) assets moved into managed account services (aum),

c) mutual fund purchases which could including 'flows' into ntf funds

d) receive 12b1 residual compensation for as long you own a mutual fund.

Investment planning from Bulldog financial planning is not free and does not require any assets under management or asset levels in any given product. (BFP does offer discretionary asset management to suitable clients and those clients will pay a simple wrap fee for this program.)

It’s impossible to predict or time the market, but having an expert look into each investment helps mitigate the risks of investing. This means analyzing the fundamentals, the industry, the technical and statistical, along with research on what is happening to the overall market/economy.

It has become a 'stock picker’s' market and this will be even more important to any portfolio when the market recovers. This means that investors will be more careful selecting investments and so should you.

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