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Running like a Bulldog

Walking the foster dogs at the local shelter sometimes was more like running. They had so much energy that they had me running down the bike path.

Since recovering from my hernia symptoms from last year, I hadn't been running much but these walks started to feel more like interval training. Some of the dogs ran really fast. This was a good way to start jogging again.

I was far from the kind of physical condition to run a 5k with a 45lb vest on, like the Wounded Warriors Carry Forward 5k.

After a lot of stretching and rest time, jogging seemed possible again and I survived running a 5k on St Patrick's Day in 37 minutes. A couple of day later, I ran two miles in 17 minutes which is progress towards setting a new personal best (current is two miles in 15 minutes), but most importantly, this feels good to be doing some running again.

Looking forward to my next Wounded Warrior 5k in the future. Here are a few pictures. Butch is still my favorite car ride buddy and we love our short walks.

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