Other Important Disclosures

  1. Customer Relationship Summary:  This highlights some common questions related to the services provided by BFP.  

  2. CIP Notice to Clients: We will review this notice prior to me collecting personal information from you.

  3. The Bulldog Financial Planning Engagement Letter: This will describe your customer relationship with me including the specific services provided, the payment options, and set the expectations.  This will be sent to you.

  4. The Discretionary Advisory Agreement for Managing Assets Letter and the Financial Planning Agreement:  These forms describe the customer agreement terms for financial planning, investment account management, and wealth management.  These have to be signed prior to providing the services.  

  5. Code of Ethics: My company is dedicated to maintaining its integrity and professionalism while providing you with dependability, loyalty and expertise.  You can request a copy of my company's code of ethics as referenced in the Firm Brochure.

  6. The Privacy Policy: This policy describes how your personal information is used, stored, and how it may be shared.  Click the menu item above to view the Privacy Policy page of this site. 

  7. Business Continuity Plan:   There is a plan in place to ensure that services will continue during business disruptions.  This is available upon request.  

Image by Aaron Burden