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Visit to the Energy Expo at the Home Show 2022

This past weekend was the 72nd Annual Rhode Island Home Show. The show was held at the Convention Center in Providence, RI. At the home show there was the 9th Annual Energy Expo which spotlighted energy efficiency programs, tips to reduce energy usage and costs from National Grid, Rise Engineering, and The State of Rhode Island Energy Efficiency and Resource Management Council, among others. Bulldog Financial Planning was in attendance to learn from the experts on what was available to help Rhode Islanders with rising energy costs this year.

(Bulldog Financial Planning is not affiliated with any of these programs. BFP is not the expert on these programs, but can help you gauge if the costs of participation are appropriate for your financial plans and help you plan ahead. Schedule a zero obligation consult with BFP.)

Here are a few quick highlights -

• The Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources is launching a new electric vehicle rebate program called, 'Driving Rhode Island to Vehicle Electrification', which will begin sometime this summer.

o You may also qualify for a federal tax credit.

o High inflation rates in the used car market make it easier to trade in a gas guzzler.

• National Grid is still offering a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment which includes steps to install energy saving products, test insulation, look for drafts, and check equipment and appliances in the home.

o This can take the form of receiving zero interest financing for installing qualified energy efficient heating equipment. (Heat Loan Program)

o Rise Engineering provides reduced cost services in accordance with the results of the no-cost assessment.

o You may also qualify for a federal tax credit.

• The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation offers financing assistance under the Renewable Energy Fund to help businesses or Residents with installing renewable energy sources. For example, people setting up solar.

• Solar Companies and Home Energy Efficiency service companies had displays found throughout the Home Show. These companies are actively working with their clients to help them find ways to reduce their energy costs.

Great ideas from all of them and the show featured a lot of great companies. The costs of solar panels, fully electric vehicles and funding new hvac purchases can be expensive. The technology has advanced, there is value, and the government does provide incentives, but these options will not be for everybody.

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