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Helping Homeless Dogs

Chance Having a Car Ride

Bulldog Financial Planning (BFP) is a company that loves dogs and believes in helping the community.

This week was my first week, and a memorable one, as a volunteer for the Hotel for Homeless Dogs (a fellow member of the NRI Chamber of Commerce).

They do a great job and have loveable dogs available for adoption. You can tell they really care about the animals.

Butch has it good around our house, so we thought for Christmas this year, Bulldog Financial Planning could share a gift with the Hotel for Homeless Dogs. We bought some Christmas treats to share.

Butch let Chance, one of the puppies, sniff around our backyard (picture below), hang out in the office, and borrow his seatbelt for a car ride (first picture above). We had Chance for a few hours this past Monday when the latest rain/wind storm had started.

The storm got much worse and although flooding in the area is not something new, this year the flooding was the worst since 2010 according to the local fire Chief. The next morning the Hotel, along with many others, had to deal with a terrible flood from an overflowing Blackstone river. Despite the hardship, they kept the dogs safe throughout the entire ordeal and, with help from the local Fire Department, did something creative.

Read more in the article from the Valley Breeze about their story and how the community came together to help everyone effected by the floods.

The Hotel could use donations and temporary fosters for animals during this time. If you are inclined to make charitable donations, then the Hotel for Homeless Dogs would be a good cause to support either now or in the New Year. The organization is a 501c3 charity which qualifies for a tax deductible donation or a qualified charitable distribution. Reach out to them directly for more information on fostering or on how to donate. Careful with how you request a qualified charitable distribution because of IRS regulations.

If your interested in learning more about how a gifting strategy can fit with your financial plans and your legacy, then reach out to Butch and me at Bulldog Financial Planning.

In the meantime, BFP will be helping the Hotel for Homeless Dogs when and where we can throughout 2024.

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