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Bulldog Financial Planning is not only about Butch the bulldog

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Butch was only 8 weeks old when I first got him from Valient Bulldogs. He was 9lbs. The two of us drove home from Connecticut to New Hampshire. He slept in the small cat sized crate. I held his chewable stick for him during the ride when he felt uneasy. I truly believe he developed his love of being in the car from these moments. We still sit sometimes in the house with me holding his chew toy for him.

He is now 50 lbs and still loves naps and car rides. He also loves going on consecutive short walks in between car rides, sunning himself, meeting people, and playing with his basketball. Raising a Bulldog has been one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences in my life. When the time came to create a logo and business name for my company, Butch was the first thing that came to my mind. He is kind hearted, gentle, courageous and a great friend.

There has been a lot of other inspiration over the years. My parent’s have encouraged me all throughout my career. My family as a whole has been very supportive of me, my work, and career. Friends, members of my network, and the Church have been supportive. This includes the great experiences in the CFP program and during my MBA at BU. Training martial arts was another awesome experience.

With that being said, one of the most inspirational moments was when my father’s cousin, Priscilla Randall made an important decision with her estate. She decided to name me the trustee of a special needs trust for her niece, who is my second cousin, Elizabeth Pelky. Going through the process of establishing a Trust and managing those assets has given me more inspiration to go out on my own to create a small fee-only private practice that allows flexibility to develop these types of relationships. My passion and the goal of the business is to create individually tailored financial and wealth management plans that fully address the clients needs and requirements.

Lastly, thanks be to God for guiding me through the tough times, providing me with supportive people along the way, and giving me strength to face the challenges. I appreciate how the church has accepted me as a confirmed Catholic and a Knight of Columbus. The values of the Catholic church will be at the core of this company.

Priscilla Randall did work as an artistic landscaper. This is not an example of her work. This is my best effort to create a new flower bed in my backyard.

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