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Big News on the Horizon

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Don’t let Butch fool you, these upcoming announcements have the potential to move the market.

1) Within the next week- EU Russian Oil Ban

Germany believes that the EU will finally announce a Russian Oil ban in about a week. This may not be the case but keep your eyes and ears open. Germany plans to ban Russian oil even without the EU. This doesn’t guarantee ongoing demand for oil or eliminate recession risk.

2) June 10th - May 2022 CPI announcement

We saw gas prices set a new all time high during May 2022 and there have been global food shortages. Will this translate into larger than expected numbers for May?

3) June 14th-June 15th Fed Meeting

The fed will make their evaluation of the economy and determine the amount to raise the rates.

Investors returned to treasuries as a safe haven recently, but will this continue? How will equities respond?

4) Company forecast adjustment announcements

Forecast reductions have been devastating stock prices. Snap was the latest dropping 30% last night before the open and another 10% after the open.

BFP can help you prepare for the possibility of a market recovery, potential deepening bear market and a possible recession.

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